Our beloved Iroro Oghenekome (Mass Comm, 300 level) moved on to the house of the Lord on Wednesday, 19th July 2017.
Fr. John administered to her the Anointing of the sick and gave her Holy Communion before she left us. She passed on with a calm heart and was ready for eternal bliss.
She remains with us in our hearts.

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For those with pictures, write-ups or tributes to Kome, please send them to our email.

We can pay our respects to her in the comments below.


  1. Dear Kome, each time I met you on the corridors of PAU, it was a good morning or a good afternoon and your gentle smile, which I will not forget. Rest in peace!


  2. She was not just a student but a dear friend. She was very genuine and always loved to have her way with everyone. The class was always lively with you around. Kome I say you were exceptional! May your gentle soul rest in peace. Amen!


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