The smell of popcorn in the air whistled at the attendees; Poparazzi was present. Along with the rest of their course mates, the Year 2 students of the Pan-Atlantic University were beyond ready to give 150% of effort into their Expo.

The Annual Expose took place in the Pan-Atlantic University in the Academic Complex on Saturday, 10th June 2017. The event began at 10:00 AM with the student’s ready for business.

As at 11:30 AM, the venue was flooded with friends, family, staff members and supportive students of the Pan-Atlantic University. It was a festive engagement with over 400 attendees.

Students 200+
Prospective Students 45+
Staff 30
Parents 37
Family and friends 60
TOTAL 372+


The businesses up for display of course come from the Year 2 Entrepreneurship module with 12 businesses up for display. The School of Media and Communications (S.M.C.) students as well as the School of Management and Social Science (S.M.S.S.)


  1. ShopFRO – Bag making specialists relating to urbanised African culture.
  2. Dexpress – No traffic jam along the PAU mile
  3. Pantertainment – Entertainment specialists from board games to yard sales and beyond.
  4. Quickie Foods – The breakfast bunch of Pan-Atlantic University.
  5. AfriKraft – Ankara pleated craftsmen come rain or shine – who also make Abacha to live for.


  1. Popparazzi – Caramel, salt, sugar; they have it all POPCORN style!
  2. Street Grillz – chickens line up just to get a piece of that sizzle.
  3. Effen Events – the masterminds behind the EXPO’s structure and the owambe near you.
  4. BLK Clothing – seam masters across Lagos
  5. Sweet Tooth Confectionary – you may just need some filling after visiting them
  6. Rabona – small chops and asun delight
  7. Ciceiros – chicken inspired gurus with the SAUCE!

The MC, Erii was beyond fantastic with his micy skills. The ShopFRO group gave a fantastic performance of their group jingle and wonderful celebration of their team mate’s birthday – Happy Birthday Grace William. This was after the raffle draw conducted by the EDC coordinators which left everyone excited as movie tickets, dinner tickets and even cosmetics were won.

The attendees were given score sheets to assess the group. Most groups due to their rapport with them were able to score high marks. ShopFRO especially was nominated as the group of the day by Mrs Seun however, Afri Kraft was the overall crowd pleaser of the day.

The event was beyond successful thanks to the wonderful support of the PAU Family and we look forward to the next Expo!    Overall, the attendees expressed their satisfaction with each of the stands they visited.


Pictures after the cut!





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