Clark Kent – based on the DC universe – is pictured as a straight forward in-his-work type of man. Either that or he is spending countless hours with his family, friends or Louis Lane. Only us readers and a few characters are really aware of his Superman presence. Superman remains a well-booked hero with priorities however his disguise as Clark never really affected him becoming Superman. He was born with the powers, he just had to learn to channel these powers.

“I just walked into her room and she was watching Empire. She watches TV shows like anything but she’s still one of the top students in this school. I want to know how she does it!” That was the reply I got from the student who-shall-not-be-named about THE SUBJECT.

Decked out in her famous chiffon blouse, light blue with pretty flowers on top, blue denim bottoms, low All Star High Tops and a simple brown handbag, she strolls in the hallway “are you guys ready yet, the cab guy is here”. The others being referred to seem to be in a frenzy of “we have to hurry up” while THE SUBJECT remains excited on her phone. It seems interesting now even though two minutes and fourteen seconds ago she was on that same train of “the cab guy is going to leave us! What will we do?” She was going out with a few of her friends to the mall.

I made my way another day, to speak to her roommate, ToluBlackBeauty, Sunday morning. Sprawled on Yemisi’s bed, an L.A. Girl blush palette among variations of foundations, compacts and primers. With a closer look into the makeup bag, the products were very much taken care of, kept properly and well been around for just enough time for its owner to play with. It still impresses me how not even a bit of foundation caused a mess in the bag; unlike most other users’. Underneath the bed, a couple of block-heeled straps among sneakers, sandals and of course the staple flats. No stilettoes, however. “She went to church,” Tolu said typing an article for a class assignment. On Yemisi’s table, her laptop displayed the credits to the movie ­­­­Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016) she had been watching before leaving for Sunday Service.

Behind this successful woman’s academia is not only her books but her background of a religious drive. Isiechi Chukwuyemisi Afomachukwu, the subject, a 200-level student of Accounting at the Pan-Atlantic University has now been credited as one of West Africa’s brilliant minds from her performance at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) exams. She won two awards:

– The 1st overall best result in Communication Skills in West Africa.

– The 2nd best student in West Africa in the ICAN-ATSWA stage 1 Examination.

 Isiechi Chukwuyemisi Afomachukwu at the Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos, Nigeria.

She comes from a family where academia is seen with specs of importance. Most of them being Engineers and the only one who isn’t; a Doctor. There is hardly any chance to study with her family members. The love, prayers and affections definitely are enough support for her which she says “helped the most”. Her parents remain supportive of her and unsurprisingly are beyond ecstatic to learn about the intracontinental recognition she is getting. She emphasises the help she got from not just her prayers but her parents and friends “especially Ini Oni” which helped her push through.


With these same busy people, she gets enough family and friends time. She goes on adventures to the mall, safari parks, movies like the stereotypical D student. Goes to church like the preacher’s daughter and prays like Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. She studies like a teacher preparing for his inauguration.

Reaching the ideal of a balanced social and academic life, Yemisi maintains a humble presence. “I can’t pretend and tell everyone I studied day and night expecting them to do the same. Young people should take their lives more seriously. We should all try and study more and pray, most definably pray. We’ll be sure to see the impact in our lives”.

Yemisi has created a method where she plays all she wants, studies all she wants, prays all she wants. She has charted her priorities along with her aspirations and boy is it working for her.

The geeky look sometimes doesn’t make Joe the smartest kid in school. Sometimes you may spend 12 hours a day saving the universe and still have to come home to your family for dinner. Sometimes you may have to put in attention during classes to be that great student. Other times you may have to read more. Other times it is just about how early you start and submit assignments.

A lot of people nowadays like before want to believe the smart genes are only bestowed on a selective few. The geeky glasses, slicked black hair with brown eyes – usually male – the uptown nerd who is never far away from his oddly placed pants and mom-pressed button-up tee. How often do you ever see this character though? Not even in movies and especially not in Nigeria – else you’d be the most fashionable being to live.

Like this article’s only mentioned subject; you really do not have to look the part. You can binge all you want, play all you want, do anything you want in moderation and still make all the As. From most of her friends “she doesn’t look the part” of a bookworm, maybe you don’t, maybe you do. The deal now is to challenge the position you have in life. What do you look like? Who do you look like? Who do you want to be? You define your ground.

Similarly, most people believed Superman to be this down-in-crime dealing mister with no social life. How absurd, don’t you think that those fictional characters thought he did nothing but save their planet all day long? Silly indeed until you realise you would have thought the same thing. Heck! most people could have the superhero experience only if they challenged themselves physically and mentally – along with a crazy back story to fuel your pain.

How about that aye?

We believe the A grade students to actually be the mega-minds, the ones who do nothing all day. The ones your mum would say “have two heads”. Maybe they do. Maybe their “heads”, are in their power to believe in themselves and challenge themselves to a more balanced life.

Heck, Superman could fight crime all day and night but where is the fun in that? Where is the excitement? Where is the life? Isn’t it more interesting to see his comic develop each issue with reference not just to his superhero side but him as a man in love, as a child of two lovely farm folks, as a dear friend and even as an employee? Frankly speaking, diversity remains the spice of life, the ache that leaves you concerned about your back, the assurance that your life is progressing.

Start bit by bit. Go to class earlier, eat more self-made dishes, talk to people slower, reach your teachers faster. Maybe a bit more diversity from the “you” you know will be extracted. Soon enough you may see your social life differently, maybe even your academics, your relationship with your parents or even friends. The truth stands still, we all have to see ourselves as Superman – the man who juggles everything perfectly. Perfectly not because he is amazing but because he puts in the effort. Effort makes you amazing. Effort makes you worthwhile. How about you start being your own Super-student and shoot out laser beams at the next task that comes your way.

Maybe you do not have to be Clark Kent. He could have been James Brooke, Francisca Okoro, Tunde Ojo, it only matters how well he was able to manage himself despite his interest in Louis Lane, his parents and work. How about a little perspective? Finding out your hook in life may just be the scale to balance your life.

What matters to you?

How often does this cross your path?

When does it need to be attended to?

With whom do you have to work it out with?

How much does it cost?

How much will you earn?

These are simple yet helpful questions that will help anyone who needs structure in their life. Nevertheless, enough effort must be put into the task, path, you choose to take else it would be wasteful. Challenge yourself, lasso your interests and wishes into your comfort zone. Do this and who knows, you may just be the next Clark Kent, Chukwuyemisi or better yet, the best you, you can be.

Here’s a smack to get you started on the better you.



Ochanya Assumpta Audu,

S.M.C. Year 2.



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